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    How to Calculate How Much Chlorine To Add To Your Pool

    How to find out how much chlorine powder to add to your pool: Find out your pool size Calculate your...

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    What Are Alternatives to Muriatic Acid?

    What are alternatives for muriatic acid? Dry Acid HCT As a diligent pool owner, you have to do a lot...

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    A How-To Guide on Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

    How to maintain a swimming pool: Get rid of debris Clean your pool interior Check your pool filter Clean your...

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    How to Make Your Own Soap at Home, and What You'll Need

    How to make soap at home: Gather your ingredients Mix the caustic soda flakes Prepare the mold Measure out the...

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    Let's Tie-Dye: 6 Techniques to Try at Home

    What are some tie-dye techniques? Spiral Crumple Bullseye Sunburst Box Folds Mandala or Kaleidoscope Elevate your basic t-shirt into something...

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    What is Auto Detailing, and Why is It Better than a Car Wash?

    What does auto detailing do? Cleans Exterior Corrects Protects Cleans Interior Many people think that having your car washed or...

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    How To Use Chlorine Powder

    How to use chlorine powder properly? Follow the manufacturer’s instructions Test the pool’s pH levels Add the recommended amount of...