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Essential Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories

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Calendar Icon December 29, 2022

What are the essential swimming pool cleaning accessories?

  1. Floating chlorine tablet dispenser 
  2. Telescopic poles
  3. Pool leaf skimmer and leaf rake 
  4. Vacuum head and hose
  5. Pool water test strips
  6. Robotic pool cleaner

Nothing compares to taking a quick dip in a crystal-clean pool on a hot day. But unless you want to swim in unsanitary, algae-filled water, you have to invest time in proper pool maintenance. The good news is, keeping your pool sparkling can be made easier if you have essential swimming pool cleaning accessories. 

For example, a swimming pool brush can be used to clean the floors and walls, and prevent algae buildup. On the other hand, a good pool vacuum can be used for more heavy-duty cleaning as it can suck debris easily. Having the right tools at hand will make your life a lot easier, and allow you to enjoy your pool much more. 

With the right swimming pool cleaning accessory, you can take a dip in clear, refreshing waters in no time. 

Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser 

Floating Chlorine Tablet Dispenser 

Chlorine tablets are one of the most effective and convenient to use pool sanitizers. If you want to easily dissolve chlorine tablets into your pool water, a floating dispenser is an essential accessory. 

A floating dispenser is a plastic accessory that safely holds chlorine tablets until they dissolve. It will float on the surface of your pool. 

Order the HCT Chlorine Tablet Dispenser from Oktakem here. It can fit a maximum of 5 chlorine tablets and is collapsible for easy storage. 

Telescopic Poles

Telescoping poles are used to attach pool cleaning attachments and extend to hard-to-reach places. There’s no harder place to reach in a pool while cleaning than the flooring part. The good news is, you can attach your brush, vacuum, leaf rake, or leaf skimmer to a telescopic pole to clean your entire pool. 

In addition, a telescopic pole can be shortened for cleaning tasks that require less reach and instead, more precision. 

If you’re looking for a telescopic pole, check out this one from Oktakem. With it, you can easily have a longer pool skimmer, vacuum, leaf skimmer, or brush! The pole has an excellent grip handle. It is 5 feet long but can extend 10-15 feet. This is a great swimming pool accessory for daily cleaning especially for large pools. 

Pool Leaf Skimmer and Leaf Rake 

Pool Leaf Skimmer and Leaf Rake 

A pool leaf skimmer and a pool leaf rake are essential swimming pool cleaning accessories. The difference between these two is:

  • Pool leaf skimmer – has a flat net that helps you skim off dirt on the pool’s surface.
  • Pool leaf rake – has a large and deep mesh net for scooping debris in the pool

Both of these are attached to a telescopic pole so you can easily collect loose dirt and debris off the far surface of the pool, such as leaves and even insects. These accessories are especially useful if you have plenty of trees and plants near your pool. It is recommended to clean your pool using a leaf skimmer and rake every other day to avoid debris build up, algae growth, etc.

Vacuum Head And Hose

Vacuum Head And Hose

Don’t forget to vacuum your pool to thoroughly clean it off. Ideally, you must vacuum your pool on a weekly basis as it’s proven to be good for cleaning build-up debris in your pool before it becomes clouded with algae and other bacteria.

This affordable vacuum head with side bristles can be attached to a telescopic pool to clean hard-to-reach spaces. But of course, you’ll want a hose to work in tandem with your vacuum head, so, check this 50ft hose and 30ft hose. 

It’s best to look for a well-designed hose that is UV-resistant and works well with standard pool vacuum heads and telescopic poles. This way, you get the most out of your vacuum cleaning session. Just connect the hose to the vacuum head and you’re ready to clean your pool!

Pool Water Test Strips

Pool Water Test Strips

This one is absolutely an essential accessory for cleaning a pool. Pool water test strips are easy to use and let you know when you need to add chemicals to your pool. This is done to prevent bacteria and algae buildup.  

Our HCTHCT Pool and Spa 5-in-1 Test Strips let you test your pool water and reveal the water’s total alkalinity, pH, hardness, cyanuric acid, and chlorine content. You dip the strip in the water for about 15 seconds and wait for the color to change. Remember not to shake the excess water off. Then, compare the color against the chart and read immediately to determine your water’s state.  

Robotic Pool Cleaner

A robotic pool cleaner acts as a vacuum for the swimming pool that cleans up the debris hands-free while you lounge on the poolside. This saves you a lot of effort and time instead of cleaning the pool using a brush. Although it might not cover both the pool walls and floor, it still beats the hassle of having to scoop up leaves and other debris yourself. 

Key Takeaway

Whether you’re using your pool regularly or not, you need to keep it clean with the help of essential swimming pool cleaning accessories. Looking for a trusted swimming pool chemicals supplier in the Philippines? Reach out to Oktakem today and let us help you maintain your pool! We also supply bulk affordable swimming pool chemicals and accessories! Start shopping here. 

Don’t forget to visit Oktakem’s official Shopee page or official Lazada page. You may also read our other blogs here to know more about our products!