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Diatomaceous Powder / DE Powder in the Philippines from a Trusted and Reliable Supplier

Keeping your pool water clean is crucial for your safety and enjoyment while swimming. One of the most effective ways to achieve this is by using Diatomaceous Earth (DE) powder in your pool filter.

At Oktakem Trading, we offer high-quality DE powder in the Philippines that can help you achieve a crystal clear and healthy swimming pool.

What is DE Powder?

DE powder is a natural and effective filtering agent that is commonly used for swimming pool maintenance. It is made from the fossilized remains of diatoms, which are tiny, hard-shelled aquatic organisms found in sedimentary rock.

Due to its natural composition, DE powder in the Philippines is a safe and non-toxic alternative to other chemical filtering agents, which helps to keep your pool clean and clear.

What are the Advantages of Using DE Powder for Your Pool Maintenance?

Advantages of Using DE Powder

In the Philippines, DE powder is considered the superior choice for pool filtration among other filter mediums available on the market. It is ideal for use in both residential and commercial swimming pools.

It Removes the Impurities in Pool Water

DE powder removes impurities in your pool through a process called mechanical filtration. When it is added to the pool skimmer, it quickly dissolves and travels to the filter tank. As pool water passes, the DE powder filters out dirt and bacteria, creating a cake or coating on the mesh.

It Provides Maximum Clarity

With our naked eye only able to see down to about 35 microns, it's important to choose a filtration medium that can effectively remove smaller specks of dirt. This is where DE powder comes in. It can filter the pool water down to 3 to 5 microns, which makes it a top choice for visibly clean pools.

It Makes Your Pool Healthier and Crystal Clear

When you have a swimming pool, it is important to keep the water clean and free of bacteria and other contaminants. In the Philippines, DE powder can sanitize the pool water better compared to other pool filters. This means that it can catch a good portion of bacteria, making your pool water healthier and safer to swim in.

It’s a Natural Swimming Pool Cleaner

Thanks to its natural composition, using DE powder in the Philippines is a safer choice compared to synthetic chemicals in your pool. As previously mentioned, it is made from fossilized remains of single-celled algae called diatoms, which leaves your pool water naturally clear.

How to Use DE Powder for Your Pool Maintenance?

It's important to know how to use a DE powder in the Philippines correctly to ensure your safety and maximize the effectiveness of the product. That's why we've put together a detailed guide to help you use it for your pool maintenance needs.

Make Sure Your Filter Can Use DE Powder

Not all filters are compatible with DE powder in the Philippines. It is not compatible with sand and cartridge filters. Before using this product, make sure that your pool’s filter can use this product.

Use the Right Amount of DE Powder

The amount of DE powder needed depends on the size of your pool. Apply approximately 1 pound of DE powder per 10 square feet.If you are replacing the powder after backwashing, generally around 80% is needed. Avoid using too much DE powder because it can clog the filter and decrease its efficiency while using too little won't catch enough debris.

Place on Filter Mode

It's important to check that the Multiport Valve (MPV) is set to FILTER mode before you start your pool pump as it helps in the filtration process. The MPV is usually located on either side or on top of the filter.

Turn the Pool Pump On

Make sure to turn on the pool pump for priming. This is the process of supplying the pump with an accurate amount of water to put the pool water in good circulation. If you’re unfamiliar with the location of the pool pump, it is located next to the pool filter in a concrete pit or below the water level of the pool.

Check the Air Relief Valve

The air relief valve is positioned at the top of the pool filter. Once you see that the water stream has shoots out the end of the relief valve, then it’s time to close it.

Add DE Powder

Mix the needed DE powder with water to make a slurry and pour it into the pool skimmer, located near the pump and filter, to feed it into the filterAfter adding the slurry, make sure to close the lid of the skimmer.

Check Air Pressure Gauge

After adding the DE powder, monitor the air pressure gauge, which you can see on top of the filter that reads the amount of pressure in the filter, to make sure it reaches the normal operational range. Refer to your manufacturer’s guide for the recommended range. Stop adding powder when the gauge hits this range.

Safety Reminders while Using DE Powder

To ensure your safety while handling DE powder in the Philippines, it is essential to follow some safety procedures.

  • Only handle it after reading and understanding all safety precautions.
  • Wear safety glasses with side shields, protective rubber gloves, and a mask covering your mouth and nose.
  • Avoid contact with your eyes and body.
  • Avoid breathing in the powder or creating dust.
  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water after handling them.
  • Wash any contaminated clothing before reusing it.
  • Do not mix it with other chemicals.

What Makes DE Powder More Cost-Effective than Other Pool Filters?

Cost Effective

One of the factors that make DE powder more cost-effective than other pool filters is its superior filtration capabilities.

DE filters can filter out particles as small as 3 to 5 microns, which means they can capture even the smallest impurities that can pass through other types of filters like sand or cartridge filters. As a result, the pool water remains cleaner for a longer time, reducing the need for frequent cleaning and chemical treatments.

Why Choose Oktakem Trading as your DE Powder Supplier in the Philippines?

Choose Oktakem Trading as your DE Powder Supplier

Choosing Oktakem Trading as your DE powder supplier in the Philippines guarantees that you get high-quality products. Our DE powder is proven to be effective in treating and cleaning swimming pools, giving you crystal-clear water that's free of contaminants.

Manufactured by Reputable Brands

At Oktakem Trading, we prioritize providing our customers in the Philippines with top-quality DE powder from trusted brands like Radiolite and Dicalite.

Available on Various eCommerce Platforms

Oktakem Trading is a trusted supplier of high-quality DE powder in the Philippines, available for purchase on our website and physical store.

Offer Convenient Payment Methods

When ordering through our website, we offer various forms of payment methods including direct bank transfer, Gcash Maya, and credit cards. You can also easily pick up your items from our store or have a 3rd party courier take care of delivery for you.

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