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Trust the Most Reliable Swimming Pool Chemical Supplier for Your Pool’s Needs

Swimming pools need different types of chemicals to keep pool water balanced. When the right balance of chemicals is achieved, you can keep your pool clean, sanitized, and free from discoloration and algae growth — and ultimately, they can keep your pool in good condition. This can be possible by tapping the expertise of swimming pool chemicals suppliers to get the best swimming pool chemicals your pool needs.

Oktakem Trading is one of the top swimming pool chemicals suppliers based in Metro Manila. Scroll down to see our high-quality and reliable swimming pool chemicals, from chlorine granules to tablets, pool clarifiers, and more.

Importance of Cleaning Your Pool with Swimming Pool Chemicals

Using high-quality swimming pool chemicals regularly is essential for maintaining a safe and inviting swimming pool. With their power to effectively eliminate harmful bacteria and organisms, they are a vital tool in ensuring the pool is safe for use.

So, don’t hesitate to look for reliable swimming pool chemicals suppliers like Oktakem Trading to keep your pool sparkling clear, and perfectly maintained.

It Prevents the Growth of Algae

Prevents Growth of Algae

Algae growth in pools is an eyesore that not only ruins your pool but also prevents people from using it because of its slimy green floating or coat surfaces. Fortunately, algaecide, a swimming pool chemical, is the solution you need to keep your pool pristine and algae-free.

With regular use every week, it will keep your pool in top shape, which means you can happily enjoy your swimming activities.

It Prevents Cloudy Water

Prevents Cloudy Water

No one wants to dive into a pool with cloudy water. This is caused by imbalanced pH levels, poor filter performance, high total alkalinity, and excess particles in the pool.

To keep your pool’s pH balanced, use soda ash as it’s specially formulated to maintain the proper pH balance for your pool to ensure crystal-clear water all season long.

It Removes Dirt and Harmful Bacteria

Removes Dirt and Harmful Bacteria

When bacteria and other harmful microorganisms infect a pool, it not only damages its crystal appearance but also affects the health of your family.

So, incorporating chlorine into your swimming pool can help to remove and prevent bacteria and microorganisms from polluting your pool. This prevents you from getting illnesses, such as skin rashes, respiratory infections, and eye infections.

It Maintains the Good Circulation of Water

It Maintains the Good Circulation of Water

Due to frequent use, particularly during weekends and in summer, swimming pools are susceptible to being soiled by substances, such as sunblock, body lotion, perfume, and other personal care products that we apply to our bodies.

By using swimming pool chemicals, you’re guaranteed that your pool water is in good condition despite being used often.

Oktakem’s Swimming Pool Chemicals and their Uses

As one of the top swimming pool chemicals suppliers in the country, we offer a wide range of swimming pool chemicals. From chlorine granules and chlorine tablets to pool dry acid to pool clarifiers, each of our products is designed to clean and treat your pool with care.

Chlorine Granules

As one of the most trusted swimming pool chemicals suppliers in the Philippines, we make sure that we offer the basics for every swimming pool including chlorine granules.

Also known as calcium hypochlorite, they are a white powder form of chlorine and are added directly to swimming pools for disinfection. They prevent your pool from having disease-causing germs and algae.

We currently offer our chlorine granules from these brands:

  • Starchlon Chlorine 70%
  • Aquafit Chlorine 70%
  • Sinopec Chlorine 65%
  • Mega-Chlon Chlorine 70%
  • China Chlorine 90%

Talk to us for our most recent offerings.

Chlorine Tablets

As one of Metro Manila’s leading swimming pool chemicals suppliers, you can also buy chlorine tablets from Oktakem Trading. Chlorine tablets are the white table form of chlorine granules.

These are commonly used to sanitize and disinfect swimming pool water by killing germs and algae.

We currently offer HCT Chlorine Tablets in 1kg packaging.

Chlorine Stabilizer

Chlorine, particularly calcium hypochlorite, is naturally unstabilized, which means it easily degrades once exposed to sunlight. A chlorine stabilizer is a pool-balancing product that reduces sunlight’s destabilizing effect on chlorine.

When used in your pool, the stabilizer binds to chlorite ions to make them impervious to the sun’s rays. So, the longer chlorine is in your pool, the longer it can kill germs and disinfect the germ.

Our chlorine stabilizers are made by OMNI, one of the leading chlorine stabilizer manufacturers.

Pool DE Filter Powder

DE filter powder is used primarily for filtration applications that help to remove impurities in the pool water at a very high filtration flow rate.

This helps to remove algae, harmful bacteria, and other foreign organisms plaguing your pool.

We offer DE filter powder from these brands:

  • Dicalite
  • Radiolite

Pool Dry Acid

Pool dry acid treats swimming pools and is a safer replacement for muriatic acid. Similar to muriatic acid, it reduces the pH level of pools.

It has no irritating fumes, so it won’t cause corrosion and pool damage. It does not spill or splash, so it’s easier to store.

At Oktakem Trading, our pool dry acid supplies come from HCT.

Pool Clarifier

A pool clarifier helps to eliminate cloudy or hazy water in your pool.

To remove the haziness of pool water, this chemical binds both organic and inorganic particles into larger ones to remove them through the pool’s filter. Once applied, it may take up to 3 days for the chemical to take full effect.

Oktakem Trading, one of the leading swimming pool chemicals suppliers offer pool clarifiers from HCT.

Pool Algaecide HCT

Algae growth in swimming pools can not only attract disease-causing insects, but they can also cause people to slip and fall on the pool’s surface.

Using Oktakem’s natural algaecide helps remove the algae in your pool until your water becomes crystal blue. This pool chemical works hand in hand with chlorine to kill the algae cells present in the water.

We offer our pool algaecide from these brands:

  • HCT
  • Swimtrine Plus

Soda Ash

Soda ash is a powerful natural cleaner that helps to remove grease, grime, and stains. It’s also useful when increasing the pH level of your pool.

When added to your pool, soda ash also slightly increases its alkalinity. Once added to the pool, it can take 20 minutes to an hour to take full effect.

Why Choose Oktakem Trading as Your Swimming Pool Chemical Supplier in the Philippines

Oktakem Trading is among the top swimming pool chemicals suppliers in the Philippines. So, if you’re wondering where to buy swimming pool chemicals or accessories, choose Oktakem Trading. See what sets our company apart:

We Carry Various High-Quality Swimming Pool Brands

At Oktakem Trading, one of the best swimming pool chemicals suppliers, we carry various high-quality swimming pool chemical brands to ensure that our clients are always supplied with products that can effectively treat and clean their pools. Some of the reputable brands we carry include HCT, Dicalite, Radiolite, OMNI, and more.

We Offer Plenty of Payment and Delivery Options

As one of the reputable swimming pool chemical suppliers, Oktakem offers plenty of payment and delivery options. Depending on the customer’s preference, we allow them to purchase on many platforms including our website, via text message, our Shopee page, our partner Lazada page, or our Tiktok page

We Have Excellent Customer Service

Oktakem Trading is invested in offering great customer service to our customers to ensure that their pool-related inquiries are answered by our expert, knowledgeable, and good communicator team. We make sure our advice to customers shows that we are one of the reputable swimming pool chemicals suppliers in the Philippines.

We Have Years of Industry Experience

We have an established and strong network of industry partnerships over the years, from various brands in other countries, which helps us to provide high-quality swimming pool chemicals to our customers.

Get High-Quality Swimming Pool Chemicals from Oktakem Trading — the Leading Swimming Pool Chemical Supplier in the Philippines!

Looking for high-quality swimming pool chemicals? Choose Oktakem Trading! As one of the most reputable swimming pool chemicals suppliers, we offer a complete range of swimming pool chemicals and accessories. For more information about our products, click here!