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How To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Pool

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Calendar Icon September 4, 2022

How do you keep mosquitoes away from your pool?

  1. Inspect your pool area after the rain
  2. Cover your pool using a pool cover
  3. Put foam on your tree holes in your pool area
  4. Prevent stagnant water
  5. Maintain the right amount of pool chemicals
  6. Add granular chlorine

Pool activities are so much fun when the pool is clean. It is made up of essential chemicals to keep clean and healthy such as chlorine, but there are instances when a pool area is a place for mosquito buffets. This type of insect is irritating especially when you try to wave them away while you’re in the pool.

Mosquitoes are known for carrying life-threatening diseases such as dengue, and since they pose a potential threat, you have to get rid of them to avoid getting bitten. So, we got you covered as we discuss how to keep mosquitoes away from your pool. Read on!

Inspect your pool area after the rain


After it rains, always inspect your pool area, especially those places or holes where raindrops linger causing mosquitoes to grow from eggs. Unfortunately, the eggs can survive for months while waiting for water to help them hatch and grow.

To refrain from this, you can recycle your old tires if you have any, turn over your buckets, and fill in areas of your pool area to stay damp after the rain. And for those areas that you can’t empty, change the water weekly. Keeping them clean and in motion will prevent mosquitoes from getting comfortable there to grow.

Cover your pool using a pool cover


It’s best to keep your pool covered when not in use. Using a pool cover is worth considering.

Mosquitoes will stay in an area that invites them to lay their eggs. Keeping your pool covered when you’re not using it can keep your pool mosquito-free! Not only does it prevent mosquitoes, but it also gives an advantage to the pool’s chemical chlorine since using a pool cover can also save you time refilling chlorine!

Put foam on your tree holes in your pool area

If your pool area has trees around it, their holes become the homes of insects or birds, except when it holds water and becomes the home of mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

What you can do is eliminate or prevent this by putting foam to seal off the hole without adding pressure to the tree trunk. Instead of mosquitoes lingering there, it can be the nesting site for birds instead that can add attraction to your pool area.

Prevent stagnant water

Stagnant water happens when the water rests in a place for too long while being exposed to the environment, causing contamination and mosquito breeding. This leads to mosquito attraction and even other dangerous insects. To avoid this, you need to do regular pool maintenance to refrain mosquitoes from turning your pool into a mosquito condo unit!

Maintain the right amount of pool chemicals

If the surroundings of your pool are clean then you should also make sure that the pool itself has balanced and clean water that’s being turned over by a pool cleaner to avoid mosquitoes from habituating there. There are three ways for proper pool maintenance:

  1. Good water circulation
  2. Create a pool cleaning schedule
  3. Balancing your water chemistry

Keep up with your pool maintenance by adding chlorine for cleaner, clear, and pest-free swimming activities!

Add granular chlorine

Adding granular chlorine helps to keep mosquitoes away from your pool. There are different types of granular chlorine available on the market and online and are sometimes used as a pool shock since they dissolve in water quickly.

There is dichlor, trichlor, and calcium hypochlorite (cal hypo). Avoid mixing different types of chlorine.

These are the things you need in adding granular chlorine:

  • A test kit that measures alkalinity and pH
  • 5-gallon plastic bucket
  • Glasses and gloves as your safety equipment
  • Wooden paint-stirring stick
  • Soda ash
  • Dry measuring cup

After preparing these materials needed, these are the steps you need to do for your pool maintenance:

  1. Try testing your pool water and fill water for free available granular chlorine.
  2. Dip the bucket into your pool and check until it’s about 3/4ths full of water. After that, slowly pour the measured amount of chlorine into the bucket.
  3. Stir until the granular chlorine is dissolved.
  4. Slowly pour the dissolved solution into your pool.

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Key Takeaway

Knowing how to keep mosquitoes away from your pool is pivotal as it not only cleans your pool but prevents you from getting mosquito diseases for safe and happy swimming! Read our other blogs to know more about pool tips, and find out the best swimming pool chemicals in the Philippines from Oktakem! So that the next time you look for pool supplies, it’s gonna be easier for you!