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How To Properly Store Pool Chemicals

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Calendar Icon January 29, 2023

Pool chemicals are the magic behind your pool’s clear, sparkling, and healthy water, something that every homeowner wants. When they are carefully stored, labeled, and packaged, unnecessary risks can be avoided. However, they are dangerous if they’re not properly stored. So, the question you might have in mind is: how to properly store pool chemicals?

Don’t worry because we’ve put together all the things you need to know about storing your pool chemicals properly. Enjoy reading!

Avoid Storing In Sunlight And Humid Areas

Keep The Original Containers In A Secured Storage Box

Your pool chemicals will react poorly when they’re stored in an area that’s exposed to direct sunlight or heat. Instead, store them in a cool environment so that any potential reactions will be controlled.

In addition, make sure that your outdoor storage of pool chemicals is covered and dry. It should also be located far from your pool area. Small amounts of pool water can cause the chemicals to react, which could lead to dangerous leaks.

Keep The Original Containers In A Secured Storage Box

Since every pool chemical product comes in various sizes and shapes, it’s best to store them in their original packages. These containers are built to maintain the chemicals in place until you’re required to use them.

Once stored, always check if the lids are sealed tightly or if there are any bulges or dents present. If you consider using a bin, make sure it’s large enough to hold each container upright. Avoid stacking or tilting them up because it can cause them to leak.

Store The Chemicals By Type

Store The Chemicals By Type

It might seem a good idea to stack various chemicals on top of each other, but arranging the chemicals this way is not advisable. Storing the chemicals require careful attention, especially to the product label instructions of each chemical. Take note to avoid putting the acids and oxidizers close to each other.

Once you secure safe storage for your pool chemicals, avoid storing them above your head or on the floor. It helps to reduce the probability of items spilling or falling. Most importantly, avoid stacking the liquid chemicals above powdered ones to avoid hazardous reactions.

Provide The Right Amount Of Ventilation

In choosing a storage location, make sure there’s ample ventilation for storing your pool chemicals. Avoid placing them in areas with small airflow as it can set off the chemicals, resulting in a reaction.

Furthermore, if you want to store multiple pool chemicals in close proximity to each other, make sure there’s enough ventilation, or else it could create a dangerous reaction when combined.

Keep The Chemicals Away From Flammable Materials

Similar to other types of chemicals, don’t keep your pool chemicals close to anything flammable such as oils, gas, paint solvents, and more.

Keep any gas-powered equipment in a different location to avoid any chemical incidents. Thus, your entire storage area should be away from sources of heat, too, such as grills, fire pits, and more.

Clean Out Your Storage Every Swimming Season

Except for dry chlorines, plenty of pool chemicals only last for about a year. The condition of your storage area where you place them also determines how long these chemicals are actually effective.

To guarantee you’re only putting the most efficient products in your swimming pool, try cleaning out your chemical storage at the end of every swimming season. This way, you’ll be able to start fresh. Just take note to avoid mixing the new and old chemicals together, even if they’re the same type.

Should I Store My Chemicals Indoors Or Outdoors?

The storage of your chemicals greatly relies on the weather condition of your area. If the temperature is cold, it’s safe to store them outdoors. However, if the weather fluctuates severely, it’s best to keep your pool chemicals stored inside your house.

Since we have unpredictable weather conditions, the best thing to keep in mind is ensuring there’s proper ventilation in your storage area, as we’ve mentioned here. Moreover, whether you’re keeping them outdoors or indoors is fine, make sure you don’t allow any chemicals to be close to one another to avoid building-up harmful gasses.

Key Takeaway

In this blog, we’ve discussed how to properly store pool chemicals. Make sure to keep this list in mind as you store and use various pool chemicals. Remember, properly storing and handling pool chemicals is as important as keeping your pool crystal clear.

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