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5 Safety Pool Tips Every Parent Should Know

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Calendar Icon April 26, 2023

What are the safety pool tips every parent should know?

  1. Keep essentials with you when swimming
  2. Teach your children about water safety
  3. Enroll your children in swimming lessons early
  4. Attend CPR and first-aid training
  5. Secure your pool area

Summer is here! There’s no doubt the kids would want to spend time at the swimming pool on most days. What else can they do to beat the summer heat? It’s one of the best ways for them to keep cool while having fun and being active during the hot days.

To keep pool time safe yet enjoyable with the kids, take time to read this blog post about safety pool tips every parent should know. Read on to learn more.

Keep Essentials With You when Swimming

Before you go down to the pool for a swim, you need to make sure you pack the essentials: goggles, swim cap, towels, flip flops, extra clothes, and sunblock! Keep them in a waterproof bag that will mark their dry things safe from any big splashes they will make in the pool.

On top of their things, make sure that you have a first-aid kit on hand. You can include antiseptic cream, bandages, and maybe some gauze for accidents that can happen.

Once you’ve made it to the poolside, make sure that you apply their sunblock and let them take a quick shower before entering the pool. This gets rid of extra particles that might be on their bodies.

Remember: not everything mixes well with chlorine and other chemicals in the pool. Through that shower, you not only protect your child’s skin but also keep the pool cleaner at the same time.

Teach Your Children about Water Safety

Teach Your Children about Water Safety

Preventing your children from drowning should always be your focus every time they spend time around a swimming pool. It may be hard to talk about it, but you shouldn’t run from it. Educate your children about the possibility they might get drowned if they don’t follow you.

It’s critical to teach them about some basic safety skills including:

  • Avoid running on the pool deck
  • Avoid dunking
  • Safely jumping off a diving board
  • Waiting a few minutes after eating before getting in the swimming pool
  • Showing them the deep and shallow ends of the pool
  • Teaching them how to reach for a rope or pole for safety

Parents should also need to test or check the chlorine and pH levels swimming pool. Using our HCT 3-Way Test Kit, you can maintain the water chemistry to test the pool’s chlorine, bromine, and pH level. By doing this, you make sure that there the chemical levels of the pool are safe for swimming.

Enroll Your Children in Swimming Lessons Early

Never skip the chance to enroll your children in swimming lessons! This is another avenue for them to learn about water safety while learning how to swim in a safe environment. It’s a big plus that they get to interact with other children their age as well!

There are plenty of swimming lessons available for kids, including infants. So, it’s not too late to teach your children to learn how to swim. When you enrolled them, they will learn about the basics through water safety activities, learning to tread water, and understanding how to do basic strokes to stay afloat on the water.

Attend CPR and First-Aid Training

Attend CPR and First-Aid Training

As parents, you know you must be prepared for every possible scenario. That’s why it’s a good idea to attend CPR and first-aid training so that we’re prepared for all types of events.

This will teach you to know how to act during emergency situations. It will also allow you to understand what needs to be done. There are things that we think might help during these scenarios but can actually cause serious energy.

That’s why you should attend CPR and first-aid training in your area, or you can also check with your local Red Cross to see if they offer in-person and online classes and choose what fits your schedule. Make sure that your training explores different CPR techniques for infants, children, and adults.

Secure Your Pool Area

If you own a swimming pool, it’s important to be responsible for your children at all times. We know it takes a lot of time to secure a pool than leave it open when not in use, but it can save your children’s lives.

Some of the important items to put security around your pool area are a gate and fence that your children can’t easily get through. Keep the gate locked when the pool is not in use, and check them every week to ensure they’re in good shape. You can also add alarms to the gate for extra protection. Furthermore, it’s also a great solution to cover your pool.

Key Takeaway

Summer is fun and so is the splashing of pool water! Still, a swimming pool can be a dangerous place for your little ones. So, keep in mind these safety pool tips every parent should know for a fun, exciting, and safe swimming time.

Don’t hesitate to share these tips with other parents you know! If you’re looking for a trusted swimming pool chemical supplier in the Philippines, contact Oktakem today! You may purchase our cost-effective cleaning and maintenance pool products at our official Shopee page, Chemstore’s Lazada page (our official Lazada partner), and our Tiktok store!