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7 Tips For Applying Tire Shine In Minutes

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Calendar Icon November 16, 2022

What are tips for applying tire shine:

  1. Always clean the tires
  2. Use a towel to apply
  3. Apply the tire shine
  4. Use the same direction
  5. Never apply to the tire tread
  6. Don’t leave the dressing ‘wet’
  7. Take your time

Tire Shine, also known as Tire Black or Tire Dressing, is a type of auto detailing product. It does exactly what it says on the label: adding shine to your tires. When applied correctly, it can increase the lifespan of your tires, too. 

But, although it is a very simple product, many beginners often apply it incorrectly, making their tires look sloppy. Worse, it can also create a problem called “slinging,” or even lead to a car accident. 

To avoid poor application, we have seven tips for applying tire shine for you to use! Keep reading to learn what they are. 

Always clean the tires

Always clean the tires

Could you imagine putting wax or a new coat of paint on a dirty car? No. And the same thing should go for your tires. Never add the product to them when they’re dirty!

We recommend doing a full wash, using car shampoo, and rinsing them off thoroughly. If there are any stubborn pieces of debris stuck on the treads of your tire, you could use a pressure washer or a brush to get them off. 

Once they’re clean, you also have to make sure they’re dried out before applying any tire shine. This is because applying this product when the tires are wet can prevent the tire shine from drying completely — resulting in slinging or the product slipping off before it even gets the chance to dry on the tire. 

Use a towel or a paint brush to apply

You shouldn’t be applying your tire shine directly onto the tire. 

We recommend pouring or spraying the product on a towel first — preferably a microfiber or terry cloth towel. This will help make sure that there is an even application of tire shine when you start rubbing it in. And, it will help you control the application better, and avoid accidentally putting it on surrounding parts like your brake rotors, discs, and pads. You may also use a paint brush to apply tire shine. 

Apply the tire shine

Apply the tire shine

When applying your tire shine, we suggest applying a light coat first. This will help prime or “ready” the rubber of your tires. This gives the product a chance to really penetrate the rubber before you start applying more layers and more elbow grease.

Once you’ve applied the first coat of tire shine, you want to wait until you see signs that the rubber has soaked the product up. Usually, this is when the initial gloss of the product turns into a matte black. This shows that the tire shine is embedded and dried up within the rubber. 

When you start to see this happen, it’s time to start applying the next layers. Apply the tire shine in larger amounts, and make sure to wipe away the excess before it drips onto the rim or spokes of the wheel. 

Use the same direction

When applying your tire shine, you’ll want to apply and rub it into the rubber in the same, circular direction each time. Whether that’s a clockwise or counterclockwise direction, you have to stick with it for all four tires. 

For example, you can start applying it at the top position of the tire, and rub it around in a clockwise direction. Doing the same motions for each tire can help you get the same kind of sheen and coat on each tire. 

That said, you should also try to apply an even coat each time — this will prevent any dull or faded areas from being left on your tires. 

Never apply to the tire tread

Apply the tire shine only to the entire sidewall of the tire — you won’t want to apply it to the treads. This is because tire shine adds a sort of slippery coating to your tire. If this is put on your tire tread, it can significantly reduce its traction, which can then lead to an accident once you hit the road. 

Don’t leave the dressing ‘wet’

While it might be tempting to leave the tire shine looking ‘wet’ on your tires — as it does make it look freshly waxed — it can cause a lot of problems later on.

As we mentioned, it can cause something called slinging. This is when the product gets flung off the tire as it moves, and onto the rest of your car. This can be a pain to remove once it dries.

Instead of leaving it wet and glossy, make sure to use your towel to rub the rest of the product into your tire sidewall. 

Take your time

Lastly: take your time with applying tire shine. If you try to put it on too quickly, chances are it’ll get messy. This is especially bad if you have polished aluminum, mag, or chrome rims, which will look pretty bad once tire shine drips onto them. So, take your time and be very thorough with your application. 

Key Takeaway

Tire shine is a product that helps restore the look of your tires. Knowing these tips for applying tire shine can help this product create a deep and rich gloss for your tires! 

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