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What is Magnesium Oil?

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Calendar Icon October 13, 2022

The list of topical products in wellness circles seems never-ending. Each one boasts several health benefits for both your complexion and your health, which is why so many people are keen on adding them to their self-care routines. But there’s one that might have fallen underneath your radar: magnesium oil.

What is magnesium oil? What does it do for your body? How do you use it? This article covers all of these questions — and more! Keep reading to learn more about this wonder oil.

What is Magnesium Oil?

The first thing we have to cover here is why magnesium is such an important mineral for your body. 

Magnesium plays several roles (more than 300 biochemical reactions) making it essential to the functioning of just about every kind of cell and organ you have — from your nerves and muscles to your heart and brain.

Unfortunately, magnesium deficiency, known medically as hypomagnesemia, is common. This means that people need more ways to introduce this important mineral to their bodies, which is where magnesium oil comes in.

Magnesium oil is flakes of magnesium chloride, suspended or dissolved in purified water. This concentrated mixture has an oily feel to it, which is where the name comes from. 

How is Magnesium Oil Used?

How is Magnesium Oil Used?

Magnesium oil is easy for anyone to use. It’s placed in a spray bottle and applied directly to your skin. Since magnesium molecules are small, they are absorbed by your body very quickly and can enter your bloodstream within minutes. It’s considered much more effective than taking magnesium tablets. 

Here’s a quick step-by-step guide on how to apply magnesium oil:

  1. Make sure your skin is clean and free from other oils or lotions.
  2. Spray and rub the magnesium oil on your skin.
  3. Wait at least 30 minutes for the magnesium to be absorbed.
  4. Cleanse or shower residual oiliness off.

How Do I Make Magnesium Oil?

How Do I Make Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil is also easy to make at home. All you need to make this from scratch are two ingredients: magnesium chloride flakes — you can get them here from our shop — and distilled water. 

Here’s a simple recipe to follow for preparing DIY magnesium oil:


  • ½ cup distilled water
  • ½ cup magnesium chloride flakes
  • 1 spray bottle (preferably glass)


  1. Bring water to a boil in a non-aluminum saucepan, or non-reactive metal pan. 
  2. Once boiling, transfer water to a non-reactive bowl (such as a glass bowl).
  3. Add in the magnesium chloride flakes. 
  4. Stir until dissolved. 
  5. Cover the bowl to prevent the mixture from evaporating.
  6. Wait for the mixture to cool completely, then pour it into your spray bottle.

And your magnesium oil is ready to use! 

What are the Potential Benefits of Using Magnesium Oil?

A magnesium deficiency, which is very common, can be treated by adding more magnesium to your diet, and self-care routine.

This supports several different functions in your body, which include:

  • Nerve and muscle function.
  • Pregnancy and lactation.
  • Blood sugar regulation.
  • Blood pressure regulation.
  • Making and building protein, bone, and DNA health.
  • Skin repair and appearance.
  • Brain health — particularly with migraines and headaches.

Spraying magnesium oil on your skin daily, therefore, can present plenty of benefits. Common magnesium oil benefits include relieving muscle and nerve pain, clearing up and maintaining healthy skin, reducing inflammation, promoting healthy hair, and much more! 

Using magnesium oil is ideal for people who are dealing with chronic headaches and migraines, have arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint pain, or simply want to improve their overall health and appearance! 

What are the Side Effects of Using Magnesium Oil?

Magnesium oil, while generally regarded as very safe to use, can lead to some side effects for a few people.

First, make sure that you’re only using magnesium chloride flakes for your body oil, as another form of magnesium — magnesium citrate — can be too irritating for the skin, and may also leave a filmy substance that’s difficult to wash off.

One of the side effects of using this oil is skin inflammation — itching and rashes. To avoid this from happening to you, use just five (or fewer) sprays a day to avoid huge breakouts, and to get your skin accustomed to the magnesium. 

After a few days of using your magnesium spray without any adverse skin reactions, you can start to add in more sprays. However, we recommend staying within the range of 15 to 20 sprays on the body per day.

This will leave an oil-like feel on your skin, but remember that it’s not a true oil, so it’s not going to help your skin feel hydrated. So feel free to add on another body oil or lotion after applying your magnesium oil and washing it off. 

Key Takeaway

Now that you know what magnesium spray is, then you might be interested in trying to use it at home yourself — luckily, you can try this out very easily! 

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