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Soda Ash 101: What it is, Where to Buy It, and How to Use It

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Calendar Icon May 26, 2022

What is Soda Ash, and where do I buy it?

  1. An alkali chemical
  2. Used in glass manufacturing
  3. Used in liquid and gas manufacturing
  4. Can be used in households
  5. Can be used for dyeing
  6. Can be bought in bulk

If you’re big on starting DIY projects around your house, then you might have heard of soda ash before. It’s one of the most consumed inorganic compounds in the world and can be used in a variety of products from glass panes to laundry detergent.

But what, exactly, is soda ash, and how can you use it at home? In this article, we cover everything you need to know about this ingredient — including where to buy soda ash online!

An Alkali Chemical

Soda ash, also called sodium carbonate, washing soda, and salt soda is an alkali chemical that can be made from two different sources: mineral trona and natural sodium carbonate-bearing brine. These two sources are both called natural soda ash.

Aside from that, it can also be artificially manufactured using chemical processes. In it, manufacturers use the Solvay or Hou method, in which raw sodium chloride (a.k.a. salt) is processed with limestone, coking coal, and ammonia to produce what we call synthetic soda ash.

Soda ash is typically made (either naturally or artificially) in three grades, which we go into later.

Used In Liquid and Glass Manufacturing


The first grade is dense soda ash, which is used in glass manufacturing. It is used to make glass containers, fiberglass, flat glass, and even automobile glass.

It can also be used in processing liquid products. Manufacturers use it to soften liquids, such as water. It is also used to sweeten soft drinks (in the form of corn sweeteners) and improve household products like toiletries and paper products.

Can Be Used In Households

Soda ash is also produced in light grades. Light soda ash is the grade that we typically use for household products, pool maintenance, and other everyday uses.

For example, light soda ash can be found in soaps and detergents. This is a key ingredient because of its high alkalinity, which enhances the disinfectant and solvency of the cleaning product. As a result, soda ash helps in removing tough stains while reducing the need for more product and water.

Soda ash on its own can also remove grime and dirt around your home. All you need is half a cup of soda ash mixed in with warm water and soap, and you have a cleaning solution that can be used in different ways.

You can use it to remove greasy buildup from pots and pans, eliminate coffee and tea stains from ceramics, and clear up discoloration in plastic storage containers. It can even be used to remove soap scum and mineral buildup around bathrooms and kitchens.

If you live in an area with hard water, then you know that it can be difficult to get your laundry clean. In that case, a cup of soda ash in the washer will help keep your clothes cleaner and easily eliminate any product residue from their fabric.

Can Be Used For Dyeing


When you’re learning how to dye your own clothes, then you’ve probably seen that many how-to guides include soda ash in their ingredients.

Soda ash for dyeing is used to improve the results of your DIY project. If the ingredient is not already included in your dye powder or solution, then using a soda ash solution will create brighter and longer-lasting colors on your fabric.

While this chemical isn’t technically a brightener, it does have a high pH level. It chemically reacts with dye to form a permanent bond. This means the dye is strongly attached to the fibers of your fabric, so the colors don’t wash out and stay bright for a long time.

To use soda ash for your tie-dye projects, add one cup of soda ash to a gallon of warm water and mix well. Soak your fabrics in this solution for at least 20 minutes. Remove and squeeze out the excess — and don’t rinse it out. Apply your dye of choice.

That said, soda ash for dyeing only works if using plant-based fibers, such as cotton, linen, and hemp. Soda ash solutions or dyes with soda ash don’t work as well with synthetic fabrics.

Can Be Bought In Bulk

Interested in using soda ash to clean up your home, improve your laundry detergent, or create bright and long-lasting patterns on your shirts? Then you can buy soda ash in bulk from our online store.

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Key Takeaway

Soda ash is a popular ingredient for both manufacturing and at-home use. It can be used in numerous applications, such as making homemade detergent or improving your tie-dyed fabrics. And, if you’re looking to buy soda ash, look no further than Oktakem! We provide a variety of reliable and high-quality raw chemicals, including soda ash.