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HCT Citronella Essential Oil 30ML

PHP 200.00


LENGTH: 3 cm
WIDTH: 3 cm
HEIGHT: 8 cm

HCT Citronella Oil is a yellowish to brownish yellow viscous liquid. It gives off a citrusy, fresh, and sweet aroma perfect for repelling insects. Just diffuse 1-2 drops of our citronella essential oil for diffuser twice a day.

It’s also good as a healing salve for rough and irritated skin, effectively delivering moisture and restoring soft, supple skin. Mix 2-3 drops of citronella oil for skin with a moisturizer and apply on cleansed skin.

If you like DIY activities, you can use HCT Citronella Oil to further elevate handmade products such as body spray, roll on, wax candles and more. Infuse 4-5 drops to melted, unscented wax and set in a jar to craft a scented candle.

It also blends well with other oils for uplifting your mood. Mix it with lavender, peppermint or eucalyptus. Add 1 drop of each oil to water to make a purifying diffuser blend for stuffy ambiances.