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Hct 30 Feet Pool Vacuum Hose

PHP 2,500.00


Size: 1.5″ x 30′

LENGTH: 49 cm
WIDTH: 49 cm
HEIGHT: 14 cm


HCT 30 Feet Vacuum Hose is highly flexible. Connect the swivel cuff to the vacuum head and you are assured of a tangle-free vacuuming experience.

HCT Vacuum Hose is resistant to crushing. Made of high quality materials to handle crushes, kinking and abrasion.

HCT Vacuum Hose is good to use all year round. It is resistant to harsh chemicals and UV damage.

Our hose should be used with a standard swimming pool vacuum head and a telescopic pole for manual pool vacuuming. It works best when warm to maximize flexibility.  Note: the opening size inside pool skimmers may vary, so a fitting or vacuum plate may be needed inside the skimmer for the most secure fit and airtight seal of the vacuum hose.