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Hct Pool Clarifier 750G

PHP 850.00


LENGTH: 10 cm
WIDTH: 10 cm
HEIGHT: 15 cm

Flocculant that clears dull, hazy and cloudy water. Must have a vacuum cleaner.

1. Dissolve 150g – 200g with 2 liters of water. TURN OFF pool pump. Pool water must be

Treatment and Cleaning:
1. Pour 100ml – 500ml of dissolved pool clarifier at different parts of the pool to ensure
the whole pool is treated.
2. Pour increments of every 15 minutes to see if Pool Clarifier is taking effect.
3. Dosage would depend on the type and amount of contaminant.
4. Wait for 1 – 3 hours or leave overnight.
5. Pool Clarifier will clump together unwanted particles. The clumps will either sink to the
bottom or float to the surface of the pool.
6. Manually vacuum up the clumps to waste. DO NOT PASS THROUGH FILTER.