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How To Clean A Pool After Heavy Rainfall

Once the skies start to clear, it's important to get cleaning done. Here's how to clean a pool after heavy rainfall.

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Why It's Important To Keep Swimming Pool pH Level Balanced

Keep your pool safe and enjoyable for every by learning the importance of its pH levels. Click here to read more!

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5 Common Misconceptions About Swimming Pools

Don't get swayed into believing these common misconceptions about swimming pools. In this article, we debunk them to help you understand more!

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6 Benefits Of Citronella Oil

Learn about the different benefits of Citronella oil and how you can easily incorporate this into your daily life.

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Different Uses Of All-Purpose Cleaner

True it's name, there are many ways to use all-purpose cleaner. Learn about how you can use Oktakem's product in many parts of your home.

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When To Drain A Swimming Pool

Many pool owners may not still know when to drain a swimming pool. This article explains the best times to do so. Click here to learn more!

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7 Easy Steps To A Sparkling Pool Water

No one will hesitate to jump into a clean swimming pool. that you why should know the different our steps to a sparkling pool water.

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How To Properly Store Pool Chemicals

Learn how to properly store pool chemicals to keep your pool safe and clean. These will help keep your storage organized all-year round.

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Everything You Need To Know About Menthol Crystals

Discover everything you need to know about menthol crystals in this article! Learn about their various benefits and how to use them.

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What Causes Cloudy Pool Water?

No one likes the sight of cloudy and hazy pool water, but why does this happen? Learn about its different causes here!